Our dream will come true and here 70 reasons to convince you to start publishing now on our platform:

+ Our inspiration is Alex Tew : he created on 2005 the Million Dollar Homepage and peddled internet advertising space on it at $1 a pixel in 10 by 10 blocks. And guess what: after 12 years, all his customers are fully satisfied and still get traffics.

Numbers :
+ There is more than 50 billion webpage online : you need to be different,
+ The places are limited for the show : just 8200 ads will be published,
+ You need extra traffic for the next 10 years: yes for the next 3650 days starting from the day you post your ad,
+ Because the average cost per click in Google AdWords is between $1 and $2 on the search network (The most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click). How many clicks we will send you?? Trust us: thousands,
+ Our prices are so perfect and it was the hard part of our study,
+ Upload up to 3 photos (with image resizer): Upload your images and let them be resized automatically,
+ You can write up to 50.000 characters with a simple to use html editor: you can even add html codes,
+ Because our website is listed in more than 1000 directories (soon).

+ You can always edit your ads:  add new products / videos / update depending on your marketing strategy,
+ Categories will help to send you visitors that match your business,
+ We are not asking for any link exchange,
+ Users can add your ads to favorite,
+ We have a reviews system,
+ Integrated statistics tool: you can keep track of the number of visitors on your advertisement,
+ Facebook comments plugin : people can talk and comment about your business,
+ Publishing is so easy : you don't even need to register : just write a valid email and you will receive your account details,
+ Some people are using the same password on many websites: for your security we are saving your password encrypted : nobody know it but you,
+ We are using cookies to more about our users and to improve their experience across our website,
+ Https protocol : safety come first (soon),
+ You can easily add anchor texts : an important component of high-quality backlinks,
+ Speed: our platform is fast and that’s due to many specific performance points. SQL optimized, high speed compression, server cache, browser cache, minified CSS and JS,
+ 10md.online is fully compatible with PHP 7.
+ Our platform has everything integrated and therefore works stable : no need for plugins and no compatibility problems,
+ SEO friendly architecture : our platform is search engine friendly, with Friendly URL’s, auto meta description and meta keywords,
+ We are not using Google AdSense (and other platforms) to get money for publishing other ads (maybe on the blog: not decided yet),
+ Sitemap auto generated,
+  Search engines know how to crawl and index on our website because of auto generated Robot.txt,
+ RSS feed / RSS reader with cache,
+ Based on latest HTML5 technology,
+ Captcha confirmation: Make sure they’re human :)
+ HTML Rich editor: you can add your own HTML code when creating content,
+ HIGHLY FLEXIBLE: Use our software for any marketing purposes: new products, presentation, discounts and offers, blogs, video channel,...
+ We are using Google analytics for our report: the best trusted tool  to get real statistics,
+ You can change your displayed name, your email, add a description about yourself, add your account to the website’s subscribers and change your password. You can also upload a profile picture!
+ Pay with PayPal: you don't have to worry about giving your credit card details,
+ uploads a picture on your ad and the alt text for that picture will be set automatically as the image file name.

User experience:
+ Our platform is easy to use and offer a good user experience with a lot of internal links,
+ Users can login using Social Auth (Facebook, Google,…)
+ Allow search by description : User can also search in the description of the posted ads,
+ Search in one or more categories,
 + Messaging system – Offline Chat: Contact the advertiser directly without having to use email,
+ Automatic smart 404 page: automatically redirect users to a similar page that they were looking for,
+ Awesome theme with attractive colors
+ Our platform is fully responsive: which make it perfect for mobile devices. Look good on any device, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile and adapt to the screen size that is more convenient for each device automatically,
+ Visitors can Toggle between list/grid view : Options of viewing ads,
+ 10 related ads are suggested,
+ Social sharing,
+ Fix header to top :  that would enhance the user experience,
+ Users can report an ad as inappropriate,
+ Social media like Facebook fan page to keep our followers updated.

+ We are always open to any remark and we will do our best to satisfy you,
+ You can propose new category,
+ We are updating our blog to keep always the website live: advises, news, our world trip...
+ Newsletter: a good way to keep visitors tuned and gets them back,
+ Be the reason that support us to make a difference,
+ We don't accept advertisements containing explicit language or that link to porn sites,
+ The only way to move your ranking to the top of Google is to build high quality backlinks: here the right place for that,
+ We don't have real competitors offering the same idea or the same prices,
+ We represent HOPE: we are the perfect example of hard working and dreaming big: Hard work pays eventually!
+ We will write a book about our journey.

Last but not least:
+ We are different people and do just the opposite of what everyone else is focusing on,
+ Backlinks and online advertising are the keys of success of any online business,
+ Publishing on our website is just a smart decision,
+ You will be part of the internet history,
+ We need to put hands in hands to make it: together we are better,
+ Our strength is that we are focused on just one kind of service: online advertising,
+ You may believe that planting trees is very important for the environment and it's the only possible way for now to combat the Global Warming,
+ You know that there is a dark side of internet and you want to show the world that there is million ways to get honest money,
+ You are honest and you know that honesty pays enough,
+ You are really saving a lot of money here,
+ We have a purpose in this life,
+ We are sweet and cute couple :) You can trust us as we trust you to publish a valuable advertisement.

PS: if you count you will find that in reality there are not 70 reasons but even more: we always offer more than what we promise.

Welcome on board

Peace and Love.
Isabel & Raouf

Stay tuned